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Date: 6/24/2016 6:30 PM EDT

The theme for the 2016 Syracuse Catholic Women's Conference is Mercy is Love in Action!
Since it is the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis, we of course wanted to be open to the flood of graces available and October 29, 2016 falls within this awesome year! (just squeaking by, I think it ends in November!)
In reflecting on Mercy as it relates to women, many instances of mercy in everyday life come to mind.
A mom getting up in the night to feed the baby...exhausted but willing to make the sacrifice out of love for her little one.  Mercy is love in action!
A husband turning down an offer to stop after work for just one drink and going home to his family for dinner as close to "on time" as he can out of love...for the believer it is really out of love of God that his love of his wife and family come and that is an extension of God's in action!

We can think of creation itself...God's action out of love for His creatures!

The examples are myriad!

So feel free to share your examples and email them to us at and we will blog some of them.  Be sure to use third person examples like, "there was a woman who..." even if the woman is you so as not to, you know, draw attention to the person rather than the action.

In His Mercy,
Syracuse Catholic Women

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